Splitscreen for Campaign/Spec Ops on PC?

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Splitscreen for Campaign/Spec Ops on PC?

I really hope some of the Developers monitor these rooms. Anyway here goes.

The Gaming world is changing. PCs and consoles are getting closer and closer together. At some point we'll be able to play multiplayer games against people on any platform. On Steam, some games are already platform-agnostic. Some games even allow for controllers & splitscreen gameplay!

...Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Is there a way that I can jerry-rig CoD:MW 2 to access the splitscreen options present on the console versions of the game?

Otherwise if any devs are listening in: Could you patch/update the game to allow for splitscreen Campaign & Spec Ops gameplay?

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Re: Splitscreen for Campaign/Spec Ops on PC?

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Yes Hurry up and Add 4 Player split-screen CoD developers TO EVERY COD GAME!, I've been telling them this for over a year and i don't think they are listening, i tried to get split-screen in CoD Ghosts on another forum here Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC its reached over 30,000 views which is crazy since they still haven't done anything, also currently I've made a forum for Split-Screen in Advanced Warfare here > Local Split-Screen Multiplayer for PC! c'mon PLEASE!, which apparently will be getting split-screen but its not been confirmed for PC yet, they cant keep doing this to us! especially since CoD is mainly purchased through Steam while some of us are using Steam Big Picture and just want to play with mates local multiplayer on the couch once in a while. Thers also a facebook page dedicated to stopping the removal of split-screen multiplayer > Stop Removing Split-Screen Multiplayer on PC | Facebook as its so unnecessary these days with modern PC's/HTGPC's/SteamMachines. You know this shit happens all the time with many PC games, sometimes split-screen is falsely advertised! or they just don't say its not in the PC version, its a disgrace i think.

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