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Teamwork My ass.

I always thought the point of team death match was to work together as a TEAM towards the same objective. It seems as if every player is out for themselves and there own numbers. I am so tired of playing a game based on team work alone please tell me why no one ever has eachother backs?REALLY why do players watch  teammates run  right out in the open, and  watch their team mate get killed and they keep running in the oppiste direction Avenge my death are you kidding, turn around and pull the triger. the sense of everyone do what you got to do for themselves is rampet in this game. I know all of you are thinking then get into a clan, and i am, but its hard to add to our clan because everyone thinks hey your a can't play with the big dogs, thats why i can go 19 for 7 right???? I just really would like to see more teamwork, in doing this maybe a team could see less deaths and more kills.

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Re: Teamwork My ass.

thank you, just what I said I have a couple of friends with mic's who play cod but they dont work as a team. if you have an xbox I wouldnt mind a game with a TEAM mate

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