To all of those "Sensitive & easily offended gamers"

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Re: To all of those "Sensitive & easily offended gamers"

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People say all kids are like that personally that annoys me i am 14 and i just mute my mic if im online so i dont hear all the idiots who use bad language I will engage in banter if its between mates but if its a bunch of people i dont know i try and act friendly towards them and if they tell me to f off or call me out i just mute them so then you dont listen to all the bs.

I sometimes here the clan that i run with calling the other clans in the lobby out on the fact there from a "poor country" or whatever i just let them run their mouths and just acknowledge its banter so if you dont like banter and you get easily upset mute everyone except your mates but i prefer to just give it back because if there giving your not worse for giving it back

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