Call Of Duty Elite Sould Be Brought Back!

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Call Of Duty Elite Sould Be Brought Back!

I think Call Of Duty Elite should be brought me and my friends miss doing clan battles leveling up our clan doing 3 v 3's doing clan challenges and a lot of other people did to so I don't think it was right to take it down and people payed for Elite Premium witch is now a waste of money people spent on Elite and just the fact that there was famous people on Elite and the best part about all of it was if we wanted to copy a famous persons class we could of so many people thinks taking down Elite was the worst thing that happen to call of duty and not only me but every person That Thinks They Should Put Elite Back Up Leave a message below and like get the people that made call of duty so Bring Elite back and the money they where making for Elite and the thousand of people from all the round the WORL must be rotted so leave a message below and email call of duty and tell them what we think im don't on this site for new un tell the bring elite back so spread the word!!!!

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Re: Call Of Duty Elite Sould Be Brought Back!

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I thought about that topic a lot.Being able to show gameplay scores to your freinds from school on the go was always a great thing.If your friend is like :"Ey buddy I got a Moab with that class yesterday" you just go to ELITE and copy the damn class.Also the opportunity to watch famous peoples combat record was always a great feature.The biggest feature was the ability to track the Moab challenge with a little trick...I'm not that far away from my 1000th but I just can't track that challenge...And in exchange they gave us this crappy Ghosts App...Has to be a joke imo.Hope they'll bring it back with AW but im not so confident...But nice to know that I'm not the only one missing this great service

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