Can we get Hardcore Faceoff ?


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Re: Can we get Hardcore Faceoff ?

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why do you still want to play faceoff anyway? anytime i play it, the opponent leaves the match whenever i am beating them and the time limit is not enough to make a come back.

the last match i had in faceoff, there was 10 seconds left and i was up by 2. i kept thinking "please dont leave" but sure enough, my opponent left when there was 7 seconds left. i sent him a message saying "why play if you are not going to finish?". he sent me a message back saying is brother invited him to a game. i replied "great timing on his part for him to send you that invite when you were losing by 2 with only 10 seconds left." and i never got a response after that.

this is why i dont play face off.

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Re: Can we get Hardcore Faceoff ?

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Exactly. I found it works one of two ways. A) I take a lead of any size and the opponent leaves immediately. I even had one match where I was losing in KC, died about 4 times in a row, then finally was able to get a kill on the other guy, who promptly left.  OR B) I fall behind and either there is not enough time to find the corner the enemy is hiding in to catch up, or I get spawn killed over and over again before I even have a chance to attempt a comeback.

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Re: Can we get Hardcore Faceoff ?

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I agree with all of what you said ,i guess im just bent over the 7 maps that i cant play only on core...Again i just dont get it..If 6v6 is to many for the maps ,then give us 4v4 or a 3v3 but to have faceoff/core only maps burns my a$$.

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