DeadHouse Gaming[DG] now recruiting

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DeadHouse Gaming[DG] now recruiting

Lets get straight to the point here, your here because your looking for a clan. DeadHouse Gaming is a gaming community but as a member myself I see it more as a family. There is a Ranking structure everyone must follow but it's easier then it sounds, got a question? Just ask the person that's one rank above you. We also have 250+ members, a website and Multiple Divisions within DeadHouse Gaming.

We Dont really care about numbers just the qaulity meaning we would rather look for mature people then just anyone to get the numbers up Requirements to Join are the following as listed.

- you must be 17+

-Have a Mic

-Register on clan website


If your interested in joining DeadHouse Gaming[DG] then message me on xbox at

DG DeadHouse and we can talk more.


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