Link the "Hardened Edition" question threads, PLEASE.

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Link the "Hardened Edition" question threads, PLEASE.

Is there a forums' monitor or administrator that could put some of these threads together? I've used the COD forums for the previous 3 games and all have been easy to jump into a variety of active and currently-used threads. On this forum's front page there are a too many similiar threads, particularly those relating to the Hardened Edition of MW3. I've ordered it for myself and 2 other mates, and there's something to be excited about for sure but really, all this random threads need to seperate, do people need to post 5 different threads asking what it is, or what the point of it is, or how much it is, or why? Can we just have a Hardened Edition Question Thread instead of...
Any one getting Hardened Edition
Pre Order Hardened Edition on Amazon?

Hardened edition

Hardened Edition (limited copies for pre order)

Hardened edition question

Will MW3 Hardened Edition be available after the launch date
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Re: Link the "Hardened Edition" question threads, PLEASE.

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man forget of that, play MW2

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