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Pro Gaming Tournament! MW3!

American Pro Gaming is hosting the largest competitive gaming tournament in Colorado history, featuring Modern Warfare 3 and Halo Reach. Deemed the name Project Colorado and hosted in Denver Colorado, this tournament will support up to 600 teams with the 1st place team earning an impressive prize…professional gaming contracts and the honor of representing Colorado as its first professional gaming team.

Winning won’t be everything as the event itself will be a fun filled weekend. The broadcasting stage will feature the best competition, exhibiting exciting matches. Sponsors will be offering free products as well as prize giveaways. Gamers will be able to network and socialize with other gamers. And competitors will be able to participate in other enjoyable activities outside the main 4V4 tournament.

Only $100 to register a 4V4 team.

Register a team by submitting an e-mail at You’ll receive a reply with a registration form and detailed event rules and information.

Register before July 17th to guarantee your team to a broadcasted game, a live interview and a VIP pass.

Rules and settings can also be found by e-mailing 

To learn more about Project Colorado or the organization visit their website at (website is under construction, an informative page has been set up. You can still register there.)

You can also like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. A prize giveaway starts after 1000 followers!

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