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All I know is that when on the good side of lag I can take even the shotguns and get one shot kills with them easy as if I was shooting fish in a barrel. Yet when on the bad side of lag it can take at least two or more in most cases.

One the good side of lag I can even get one shots with the models in core pretty consistently too.

Hell I got the "all pro" challenge with the models in hc. Something I did not think could or would happen.

As toward the playlist pass(look at for changes/additions/removals) I can only wait to see the mayhem that will cause if the wrong list is removed or moshed as was done before in another game. So yeah, that should be fun to see...again...

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Or they can fix Lag Compensation.

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Owned. I changed the values of the W1200 to 30 - 14. These are the Damage values of the MW3 SPAS. What do you know? It sucks.

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