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I would like to start by apologizing to every body at Activision, I tend to get too aggressive when my suggestions get no action taken, for that I am sorry.. Now please allow me to explain what motivates this passion. I am hardcore gamer cb765 on PSN, Elite premium Founder, MW3 prestige #6.There was a time when all I wanted was to join the ARMY, I could not because of my financial situation, you see I was taught groing up that if you don't have any thing to live for you better find something to die for. To live for I chose a family, a house, you know the american dream. To die for I chose this great country and all the people in it. I am at a point in my life where these things are not possible. Playing MW3 allows me to apply my military tactics and techniques to something enjoyable and harmless. This game is as close as I will get to experiencing military combat, and you guy's have done a great job but theres always room for improvement.You guy's are on top because of hardcore gamers like me and you should harness the fact that we are on your side, I want you to stay on top. The tips and strategies for guns and maps in Elite need to be updated to target hardcore gamers, there needs to be more game modes in the advanced playlist as hardcore ricochet selections game modes like headquarters, demolition, and team defender, and there needs to be more hardcore lonewolf enlistments. We need to crack down on cheaters who are glitching,useing aimbot,useing lag switch, these types of cheats ruin the game play experience for everyone....

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Re: Why the CRITICISM?

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We appreciate you taking your time to convey this to us! It is definitely understood that Call of Duty gamers are a passionate bunch, and we believe all feedback (even aggressive feedback) is constructive. Although, the more calm and constructive the better! Many of the changes made to game's are driven by community feedback, and the examples provided in that feedback. We're always listening! Keep the suggestions/feedback coming, and well continue to push it in the right direction.

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