clan level 50 hack ?

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clan level 50 hack ?


i found a clan level 50 but he played 4 hours !!

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Re: clan level 50 hack ?

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That's Beachhead.

He is one of the Game Developers.

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Re: clan level 50 hack ?

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so a game developer has a hacked clan lvl 50 ??? with a KD of 0.74 in Mw3 ...... and i wanted to  start a clan of my own in Mw3 i tried to get/trade a clan lvl 50 but almost no one does that they always think they are gonna be robbed and i dont blame them with the kind of people in this world these days i started playing in Mw3 Series i Never Played a Game of Cod Before & i Liked it i played over 51 days in my noob account i only got three Moabs in that account over time i got better & created new accounts i got over 400 Moabs with a 3.0 + Kd with over 500 Thousand + kills & 100 Days played with all my accounts combined  i would never stop playing this game my reason are to stop playing this game ( elite errors ( make me mad , Hackers dont stand them , with all my accounts i legally leveled them up i earned my stuff in that game & now everythings hacked but well it was gonna happen sooner or later i have always said that mw3 is the best cod game ever & not cause it was my first cod game i took my time to play the other games & they arent as good as Mw3 in my opinion cause black ops 1 , 2 & ghosts 4 Me Are total failures Of Games they dont entertain me i cant play those games straight for more than 2 hours cause i get bored i still play Mw3 Straight For 8 hours a day & i dont get bored i just hope the next cod game will be better than those latest games Mw3 Game Style Was Perfect the only thing that needed to be changed in my opinion was those deathstreaks that Fu***** Up my streaks with 22 + Kills 4 Moab im from PuertoRico if i dont like the next Cod Game i will change to xbox from ps3 again & play sports & racing games again like i used  to i was pretty good i those games i never lost a race in MFSMW ( NFS Most Wanted ) but ever since i got My Ps3 i stopped using My Xbox 360 when i started playing Mw3 i forgot about my xbox 360 the last game i bought for xbox 360 was NBA 2k11 After i Finished The WholeGame i Never Played Xbox 360 Again

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