Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC


I know that many people are struggling with this problem. But my question is, do the developers intend to do anything with this error before the end of the beta or not? I was very hyped for this game, I wanted to test it over the weekend, just to confirm my belief that in a month I will buy it. In this case, thousands of people are left with nothing. They don't know whether to buy this game because when they had the opportunity to test it, nothing worked. My problem (and a thousand other players) is rather unsolvable by players. There must be a patch here.


What's the problem? For many people, the well-known error DEV ERROR 6065 (or 5757 etc). I have current AMD drivers, the latest version of Windows 10 (clean, formatted, specially for this game). The strange thing is that sometimes I can normally play the whole match (two isolated cases...), and in most cases the error pops up right after the start of the match. My PC meets the requirements of the game. I've done everything. Do you have any solution or I've to watch vids on YT to rate this game before buying? If I decide to buy at all, because I'm 90% convinced that the full version will have similar problems.

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