Game won't start immediately crash.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC


I think the reason for the crashes at start is the Nvidia drivers, or could be something else loaded into OS..


I rebooted my Computer into safe mode with Network enabled. I was able to start the game and load it up into menus. But of course it was horrendously slow because it wasn't using Nvidia drivers but just the "Microsoft basic drivers" since loaded into Safe mode all other things are disabled but basic OS stuff..


So clearly the culprit is the Nvidia drivers and or specific with drivers and the GPU you're using. In my Case a GTX 1080. Sure it could be something else loaded in normal non safe mode environment that clashes.

But what? I just reinstalled my OS a day ago. It is on the absolute latest build. It is pretty clean from other installed stuff since the OS is newly installed and not bogged down..


I cancelled my preorder which I did get for early access, jokes on me with that one. Can't even play the open beta.. Also how can I keep my order when I cannot trust this game to even START come retail launch..

Never had a game behave this bad. I have played PC games since 1995..


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what specs you on? yes you have a 1080 but i would hope you have a decant cpu to go with it? howmuch memory 8,16,32gb ?


im running latest nvidia drivers and ive had no crashes so far,



1070 8gb

16gb memory


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GTX 1080
Ryzen 2600X
16GB 3200 RAM

No problem playing any game in existence, ha ha so far. Well except getting this one to start..

I got it to start in Safe mode. And that is with really weak "Microsoft basic drivers". So it doesn't make sense that it cannot start with actual Nvidia drivers unleashing the full GPU..
There is something that is making it shut the game down immediately upon loading. Can't figure out what it is.. Seems many other have the same problem.
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