Invert look option (Invert vertical Y-axis): We also need an Invert horizontal X-axis option

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC


Like in many other PC FPS shooters, there should be the option to invert the horizontal axis (x). 

Right now, you can only invert look with the Y-axis (vertical) only. 


There are many players who need this option, like me. Look no further than Destiny 2 where you have the option to invert look both vertically AND horizontally.


It makes or breaks the game for me as I need to have the x-axis inverted on top of the already existing option to invert the y-axis.



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Please help! I need the x-axis inverting option as well. This is a critical feature to being able to fully customize my controls to my preferences. Hopefully this can get into the game prior to the release. We got one month, one can only hope.

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