My friend buy th game on ps4 and i buy it on pc can we play together, how the crossplay goona work?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC


My friend buy th game on ps4 and i buy it on pc can we play together, how the crossplay goona work?

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It works just like the beta, if you weren't involved or didn't make it to the alpha or beta Cross play is easy. You will just load your game and select multiplayer, once you select multiplayer you will see a friends tab should be in the top right if I remember correctly. Click that, make sure you type in your FRIENDS cod account name. not his or her PSN. Once added simply invite them to your lobby and enjoy. These directions may be a bit off due to beta but shouldn't be too far off.

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Make sure in your settings cross-play is enabled.  Make sure you both have a COD account created.  our COD account replaces your regular platform login, you can customise this how you want (meaning you can change your display name to differ from your usual GamerTag/PSN/ ID). By having this, it will allow you to play across different platforms and party up with players on different platforms.


  • You can decide to use keyboard and mouse on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
  • You can decide to use a controller on PC
  • PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players can all play against each other, provided they all utilize controllers or a keyboard and mouse
  • You can place into a lobby where there are no control scheme filters, allowing you to play with players using both controllers and keyboard and mouse across all three platforms
  • Wait times for lobbies will decrease with the increased player pool


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Thanks for the above info.

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