Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC

Hy, my name is Fernando and Iam enjoying the experrience,

I am having witch this new COD, Iwas extremely happy when I oponed the game and it detected my resolution in NV SUROUND 7680X1080, I managed to set everything correctly, but the CHAT still apperars there in the corner of the monitor richt so I practically don't see the game's CHAT, it's something you should fix, I imagine there aren't so many peaple using NV SURROUND, so i'll be willing to help, another problem i'm having is related to KILLSTREAK, when I use for exemplo VTOLJET he just picks up the tablet but it's all BLACK, I can't put the position on the map where KILLSTREAK will attack.


I hope you read my ticket, thanks and great work!

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