No sound after entering game testing results and fixes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC




     After allot of troubleshooting and allot of folks have been having this issue and allot of fixes placed out there.



Check your default communications device by right clicking the speaker in the bottom right, sekect volume mixer, click the picture for system sounds, go to the playback tab, is your audio interface set to your default communications device? This is your issue, the game is expecting you to be using headphone monitoring through your interface. Change it to any other source and you will hear the music come on, however I suggest setting your headphones for the device so you can hear in game voice. However you can set it to one of your other devices if you want to kill hearing chat without touching game settings, but no, just don't. If you check here, the phone on the behringer is my audio interface, right clicking my USB headset and selecting it to be my default communications device caused the game to fire right up.



Audio Issues.PNG



Headsets with their own drivers - Check the same as above but you more than likely do not have an audio interface. If you are using realtek or any headset that has it's own driver you will find them in the same section as above and you might notice there are several options based on the driver, try them all until it works.


USB headsets - Some headsets work with a USB dongle, this is essenmtially the same as a usb interface for your headset and really tiny. The reason you see so many replies on changing it to stereo, switching the audio to a certain mhz, and the list goes on and on. The reason for this is your settings for the USB interface must match what you have setup in game and on your system. This is why one thing works for one person and NOT another. Once again, check your default communication devices, I will bet you dimes to dollars, you switch it for the default communication and you get sound.


Headsets with a preamp - same deal, it's just another USB interface


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well all of this and on consoles the games audio is just corrupted because everything but the game itself has volume the xbox has menu volume the intro to the game logo has volume, but the game doesnt as soon as you get to the menu.....this indicates corrupted audio files. which im trying a complete reinstall but have seen that that doesnt even work on another post.

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That's actually incorrect and a waste of your time, I don't have an xbox answer but it is not corrupted files, it's a setting
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