Raw mouse input setting needed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC

Most PC FPS shooters have the option in the settings to enable or disable raw mouse input. There are a myriad of reasons why some players prefer to play with raw mouse input off or on.  Although this option has been present in previous Call of Duty games, it is not the case with this game. 


Is it possible to add this option in the settings and if not, is this a setting we can enable or disable manually in a settings config file? If so, please provide the path. This is crucial. In my case, I need raw mouse input to be turned OFF as it is on by default. The game is unplayable for me, otherwise. 



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+1 This is a much needed feature that was available in previous versions. Hopefully this gets corrected before the launch. Would love to hear from the moderator to see if this is on the roadmap to get resloved.

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