Any else having a hard crash just playing 32v32%3F

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox One


I thought having the XB1X on a wired connection would give me the best Xbox experience I can have.  I'm running it at 1080p, for more consistent frame rate, and I'm 100% certain my modem is not the problem.  I've had zero problems with any other gamemodes, even gunfight on Pine runs fine, but 64p Ground War is different.

Of the 12 times I've played this mode, 10 of them I couldn't even finish.  I was lucky when my game just crashed and sent me back to the Xbox Home, but other times even my modem and internet has crashed, and my controllers need to be resynced.  This is a BIG RED FLAG.

I can give leeway at MW's attempt at a new gamemode of this scale, but I urge the devs to consider this a high priority beside party mm, time-to-death, and weapon resets that don't level up until you close and reopen the game.

This has been a pretty fun CoD multiplayer to play in a while, MW3 being the last fun multiplayer I played.

If anyone else had this issue, and fixed it, please let me know how.  I pre-ordered this for Ground War, and I really want to love it.  I will once this problem is fixed.

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