Activision Account linking issues

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This is my first time switching to PC from PSN or XBL. I have a activision account that I can only sign into using my xbox live or psn accounts. I have no idea what the activision username is and the email used to make the account has been deleted. When I try to access the account while signed in, I get 

"YOUR PROFILE IS MISSING REQUIRED INFORMATION Enter the required information below to continue."


I don't know either my activision ID or my password. I just want to link my to my old account, or if I have to, unlink my old psn and xbl, and link them with my new activision account Modern Warfare auto-created from my login. 


Look at what the website says in my activision ID. UCD_281392547658RRTBXIPJWEBCIG

What is that? That's way too many characters. 



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