Are you going to be adding the ACR and sig 551 or 552%3F

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I hope the ACR will be returning, it was my favorite rifle in previous games. I am also a fan of the sig's and would love to see what you could do with them. There are more guns I would like to see like the HK45 and the Scorpion EVO for some. But can't have them all. Love to hear from you. Thanks

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I do hope too that they bring back the ACR. Along with the Scar i hope, one of my favorite weapons too!

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I hope they add the F2000, FAD and TAR-21. I really think a lot of guns will be added via dlc's etc.

I'm pretty sure guns like the ACR, SCAR and UMP will be added but I like some of the more unique ones as mentioned.

I'm looking forward to trying the Oden, that weapon looks like a monster.
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If you like unique weapons imagine the p90 and m4 having a child. I call it the PM94, HaHa just kidding it's the ASG Hera. 

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with the mp7 i think most of the people are happy , i would like to see the ump45 along with the acr too

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I hope a huge selection of weapons for everybody.


I hope mostly on a bigger selection of burst ars and lmgs. I love using those.  (I guess because of Delta force and delta force 2)

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