Bad FPS on PS4 slim in Ground War

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Playstation 4

Sorry for my English.
It's very hard to play ground war on ps4 slim. I don’t know how it is in the pro version.  FPS is significantly different from normal modes on the ps4 slim.
Optimization possible in the release game version? Very upset by this fact. Now i doubt about the purchase of the game. 
Ground war mode excellent. If you cut the graphics and at least slightly increased the FPS would be great. So it would be better not to add a ground war mode in slim versions.
Thanks. Smiley Happy

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hello, fellow modern warfare gamer. this is probably because you haven't let @konsolkillers biuld you a pc. you may have some optimization issues. and i don't know your fps. but its never going to be able to peak like a pc can.
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