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It's great to have a modern warfare title again, it's been too long! And it doesnt disappoint, feeling more like a 2008 era golden age competitive game (such as mw 2 and 3, halo 2 and 3, etc) than the new sort of half baked early release, micro transaction based, code it as we go along but never really finish it games. So short story, it's great! 


Heres a few changes or additions that would go a long ways, I think:


The ability to quick zoom with snipes. Think mw2 intervention. For that matter, the intervention returning would be awesome. Right now it takes way way too long to ads an ax50. 


Noob tubes. Love them, hate them, they're part of what made the modern warfare franchise. Kind of necessitates one man army as well.


Thermal scopes for ARs and LMGs! And any associated perks to not show up on thermal, etc.


Mostly, I think if you add those things the bases are covered and you have yourself a truly worthy successor to mw2 and 3.


Other considerations-

the sound is a bit sloppy. It's hard to pinpoint location and distance even with a top tier turtle beach 7.1 headset. Maybe clean that up.


Lag based stuff - it's standard practice to try and hide it so the game looks cleaner and fairer, but really that's just more frustrating. Don't hide reality. It's online gameplay, there is inevitable lag, sometimes it helps you win a fight, sometimes it gets you killed, just don't hide it from the player.


Either do killcams in normal speed or both normal and slow motion. A lot of times slowmo takes away from the awesomeness of a kill shot.


But again, great game. Just a few points that would be worth addressing. Keep up the awesome work! 

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Good post. I have left a link to the official sub reddit in case you wish to leave this feedback for the developers to review.

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Have to say that the idea that you can spawn camp with a cruise missile was an instant turn off. Bad enough to have snipers/MGs on the spawn exit as a first time player, but having a God strike at the same time caused me to quit in disgust.


I realize that the game is meant to be competative and, in theory, to present a bit of the "real" world, but there is also the concept of retaining new players, both to an instance and to the game, by giving them a chance to get INTO the game prior to being under fire.

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