Call of Duty MW Beta Bullet Sponge

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I played the MW Alpha a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Mostly because the hit detection felt like it was on point and also because other players died within 2 to 3 shots. 


The MW Beta looks great... and that is about it for me. It is extremely inconsistent in my opinion, from hit detection to the amount of bullets it takes to put someone down. This is a far cry from what I experienced in the Alpha. 


Don’t even think about using the AUG pre set class unless you just want to see how many hit markers you can put on someone before they turn and shoot you. 


The name of of the game may be Modern Warfare but there is nothing modern about having to shoot someone with 6-7 bullets out of an AR to kill them.


Activision really needs to prioritize and quit putting micro transactions before the integrity of their games. I know that is what is in store for us at the launch of Modern Warfare.

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I love fight laggers with the mp7, there is absolut nothing you can do against such a combo. Not even hipfire once
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