Can I get my money back the worst game I%E2%80%99ve played in a long time.

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This game is no where near playable for enjoyment there is so much stress. Just remaster the good games like mw2 and 3 bc your teams no do ***** they don't listen to people feed back. Like u die in 2 bullets maybe 3 if ur lucky. Also the flow ruined everyone camps not like cod it's like bs battlefield. Like so disappointing I thought it was gonna be good so I spent extra. 

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Ps they ruined snipers just for the hell of it. Like I played to quick scope for fun but can’t even do that on this piece.
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I'm getting plenty of kills running around with mp5 or camping with a sniper. Learn the maps and don't run down the middle of the streets.

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The game is fine, if you do not like this years Call of Duty then don't play it. My opinion, a wonderful re-imagining of how the Modern Warfare series was, TTK is fast and guns feel like guns, not arcade pea shooter like it sounds like you like. If you want to quickscope and be able to run away from being shot and put no thought into your movements around the map then go play another more arcady CoD. Just saying... don't let this game hurt you and stress you that much. Game hasn't released, go get your money back. 

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The only reason you would feel "stressed" from a game is if you bring the stress with you. Relax. It's a game.


They didn't "ruin snipers for the hell of it", they've been nerfing quickscoping for several games now.

Can you get your money back? No idea, contact the source you funded. They're the only ones that can give you a refund.

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It’s a beta..and its supposed to feel different than recent COD’s, this is what could make this game great. Change is good.

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Doesn't help that PlayStation players will be the only ones getting Spec ops Mode for a WHOLE YEAR...
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