General Feedback / Impressions Based on BETA

Call of Duty Modern Warfare General Discussion

The Good:

  • The loadout and customization system based off of COD4 is a welcome one. It's nice to earn unlocks and upgrades with skill rather than $$.
  • General aestetics are good looking and give a sense of imemrsion without too much visual clutter.
  • Easy to customize your config to how you would like to play.
  • A return to good ol' MW nostalgia.
  • I was happy about my system performance. Good overall FPS and low latency.


The Bad:

  • Player movement is woefully console-centric and slow. The game feels like you're running through waist high mud the whole time. (I'm comparing this to titles like: COD4, Titanfall, Dirty Bomb, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, ET). The forementioned titles are fast-paced and skill based FPS shooters. Something that I was really hoping I would see a retun to in this title - but in it's current form it's just not there.
  • Overall map design is again super console-centric . There are few open areas in the maps. 90% of the shooting is down narrow passageways or tight room environments. Give me a map like,  AMBUSH, CREEK, BROADCAST, or honestly any map modeled after a COD4 map. They were all better balanced for tight shooting situations and broad open battlefield types of assaults as compared to the maps I've played in the beta.
  • Super fast flipping of the spawn points in TDM. Same issue as Black Ops4.
  • EDIT: I HATE the lean system in the game. There's been numerous times where I go to use an object for cover but don't want to lean and my player leans on it's own. I'm sure this sytem is great for console players because it's one less button for them to have to push or hold down but it's driving me a little nuts on PC. Would love to just use my Q or E button to actually lean when I want to.


Feature Requests:

  • Can I adjust my FOV? like a regular slider that allows me to set a range just like my mouse sensitivity would be awesome (and a super basic feature request you're going to probably get from 90% of PC players).
  • I would love to be able to set the position of my Map and HUD. I hate having the map on the left side of my screen.
  • A practice room like in COD4 where you could play with your config settings and try to beat the timer would be awesome.


Other Thoughts:

I love that the devs are attempting to bring players in from all the devices to compete against one another but, it's plain to me where their overall concern was in terms of the market during the game development . Obviously, I'm  a PC player so it is going to be most noticeable for a player like me and I wouldn't expect console players to see any of the above issues as bad. If I played console I'd probably have a higher opinion of the game. I'm not ruling out buying the game but I'm going to hold off on pre-ordering the game based on the beta. I'm excited to play this game just not with the current issues I see in it.

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PC Specs In Case This is Helpful for anyone:
ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
ROG PG279Q (@144Hz)
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