I bought the PS4 version but want to play on PC

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I bought the PS4 Version of the game, but I built a computer and want to play on there. Will I have to re-pre-order the game or is there a way to sign into my PSN account and play on my PC?

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sorry bud but as far as i know it doesn't work like that. espeically after what they pulled with exclusive content, i doubt tthey will let you play it on PC with a PS4 copy. for as long as i have been gaming every platform requires it's own copy. i think microsoft is starting to do shared games between the xbox and microsoft store. maybe PS has a similar thing. 


pretty much though if you want to play on PC then buy it on PC. even better. cancel your pre-order and play a different game because they already admitted they are adding loot boxes after launch so just play something else before you regret giving activision your money. 

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You will need to buy the game again on the PC. However, if you decide to stick with PS4 and buy the game later on PC then all your progress will carry over.m as long as it’s linked to the same Activision ID.
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Please cancel your order and show some solidarity to your fellow gamer brethren. Activision/Sony scummy exclusivity deal alone should be enough reason to cancel, but add that they will go full greedtard one month after game is released with predatory macrotransactions should be more then enough reason to not buy the game.

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