Increase recoil on fully automatic weapons or reduce their damage. Maybe both.

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Basically the title. Fully automatic weapons are the only thing viable in this game. The TTK is so fast that all it takes is .3 seconds of holding right trigger or mouse one with any full auto weapon to instantly kill an enemy without a single worry about actually controlling your shots. On top of that, Ground War is a larger scale gametype that seems to be trying to emulate a Battlefield style, but by having fully auto weapons being 100% effective at any range it damages the flow of the game when moving point to point. The fact that you can have a basic M4 with no attachments and laser someone from 300 yards without missing a shot with full auto invalidates marksman rifles completely. Reducing compounded aim punch from full auto weapons would also be a nice change, though both would probably be too much.

I personally would like this change, given right now the game is literally just instant deaths for and against without any actual sustained fire fights. Seeing a miniscule amount of skill involved past twitch reflexes would be nice. But it's CoD... so eh. Everyone will probably yell at me and nothing will change. But the game is an absolute bore to me in its current state.

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I don't know how many times I've been mowed accurately down by an assault rifle from 100 ft away, or being killed cqc when I have a submachine gun.

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People wanted the old days back, fast to kill not slow to kill like on blops4. Can't have it both ways my friend. It's either fast or slow, pick and choose and stay in that lane. 

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I don't Mind the close combat TTK but this cross map full auto mowing my a** down is BS. 

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