Is there anyway I can get a refund? I'm not really enjoying how the game plays at all

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yes me too, this is the worst cod in a while. i have been on since cod 3 and this is made for children, not real gamers.

the hit detection and gun dynamics are soft, like im shooting a marshmello gun.

then especially for the kids theres drop shottong with snipers or run around full speed and quick scope for half a scond.then its core and its one shot kills with snipers even if your running around. thanks for that cheap gimmick!


And stop stealing stuff and game play from other games, if i wanted to play rainbow 6, fortnight, bf5, apex and every other game ripped off of game play and content, i would play them but no.



I play cod games for cod game play, not some other games game play. be original!!!!

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I totally agree with you on the soft gun comment. Am I missing something...I thought the devs were banging on about the gun sounds and feel being awesome and realistic? To me they lacked bang and the feeling you were hitting something hard!

        The very worse thing ive experienced though is really bad screentear top screen. I had to suffer this with BO4 aswell thats why I stopped playing it so to see it back and even worse on this new game im gutted..really gutted.

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This is not cod. I’ve been playing cod for over 8 years and this is the worst one yet 

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I also agree that everything seems a little soft.
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Contact your retailer.



Different countries different rules.

And can even be different between retailers

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This game now has "Martyrdom?" in this newest Dead Man Switch Perk!! This is a stupid racist concept in a video war game. Sounds like a Middle Eastern thing.... No wonder MW gets the “M” video game rating it’s received!!

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Are you telling me that some retailers charge for pre orders this early!!?? 😂 What didn't you wait for the open beta?

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It's more of a deposit to secure your copy of the game usually 15% of the game MSRP. If you ordered a digital copy in launcher you can get a direct refund to your card or payment method you used.
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A refund a month before the game comes out. Going for a record?

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