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Join Strategy_Gaming(Competitive clan)(xbox 360)

Strategy_Gaming is a clan of competitive gamers who play Black ops 2 and in the future Cod ghost. We play leauge play,Pubs, and will eventually play gamebattles. We would love to have you in our clan!

Not to be a Kd Freak or anything but you musthave a Kd over or the same as 1.11.



-Kd 1.11 and over

-Must have a mic

-Must know the callouts and rotations (if you are a competitive player you should already know tht but anyway)

-Must b able to change your gamertag.


                           Message - F8tel GRaPhix, or F8teL FuZioNz (I know the names are not the clans name yet but will be)

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