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Well... Ground war. Was super excited for this mode as a fan of both franchises but needless to say it needs some serious work.


- Killstreaks make it impossible to move through the map and if one team dominates, its impossible to turn it around cause there will be endless VTOLS and Support Helos that just make it impossible to move. FIX by making passive killstreaks only for Ground War ie UAV, TAC insertion/radio beacon, mines/launchers as a killstreaks (cause if you don't have one as a secondary your pretty much stuffed so good way to stop that being an issue)


- Vehicle Mechanics are horrendous. Make them simpler to use so the controls format doesn't change dramatically from being on the ground to into a vehicle.


- Squad mechanics are pointless at the moment because all you can do is spawn and if you try do anything as a team you get destroyed by a cruise missile. No med packs or beacons or anything that help promote squad play.


- TTK is an issue for ground war as you have no time to react to incoming fire


- Spawns are horrendous there's no real essence of Foward Edge of battle, it's just chaos


Whats everyone else's thoughts? I'd really love this to work cause it's such a good game already, but in its current state there's no replacing battlefield or even competing against it until it's fixed. In its current form it's pretty unplayable  

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I respectfully disagree on some points... respawns for me are completly fine as I get to choose where I am spawning. If you are being completly dominated by a team.. unfortuantly that's it, you are being dominated and no kind of assitance is truthfully going to help you, this happens in Battlefield Conquest similirarly. Killstreaks are fine, I think Ground War is designed to be chaos and taking away killstreaks (except UAV etc..) ruins the reason I want to jump into Ground War. For the amount of kills I can get and destruction I can cause. As well, only so many air streaks can be active at a time, so take them down with your launchers, most teams I have been on have a few people that carry them. 


Now where I agree is vehicle controls feel clunky and ATV movement feel stiff, that can use some work, as well I think vehicles like the APC and Tank (Idk in game nomenclature) need to respawn slower. When one is destroyed another immediatly is almost dropped in the enemy's HQ... I think it should take some time for those vehicles to reset. Too often I work my butt off destroying an enemy tank to see another one being used immediatly after I respawn, sometime even in the same life. TTK... it is completly fine, it's very similiar to the first Modern Warfare which is good.


This is only one map, with a lot of interior buildings and small rooms in them, it will be interesting to see how gameplay varies on other maps at launch... I kind of wish they would release one more map for Ground War for us to compare. 

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My main concern with Ground War is that they limit your party to 4 players, it makes no sense to me.

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