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I honestly don't know what to think right now.  Mixed feelings.  I think the AK is garbage.  Way to much recoil.  Literally have to single shot unless your close.  It's super hard to even get a kill streak going unless you camp. Which is going to promote camping like in previous Modern warfare's.  So far the maps were playing are basically the same.  Lots of corners, buildinds, walls, etc....good for wall bangers.  I wish they would have gives us a more open map to try and snipe too.  How quickly you dear lord do they have us playing hardcore? If not I'm super curious if every gun is one shot kill in hardcore mode lol. I like the gun customization a lot.  I like how it has that old mw feel. I mean I'm not like overjoyed about the game but it is what I expected it to be.  It's not bad.  Just needs some tweaking hopefully.  Just my opinions.  How do you guys feel about it ? 

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The game sucks



”we wanted more tactical”




Its a camp fest, and it favors the winning team


cause uav

wont i dont get is



”lets take out mini map make it better”




which l pros and youtubers use to GAIN ADVANTAGE who the ***** thought of this?



This game is worst than Bo4


and that sucks, 

they messed with all weapon sensitivity (WHY DO THEY *****ING DO THAT)


rifle ads is different from smg and different from lmg


and any lmg users camp way more

now cause ads is sooooo slow, its like firing the tomahawk missle kill streak takes two hours to whip it out


aim asisist seems crapped out, probably cause they made weapons projectile base (why?  Bo4 did this and its horrible, smgs rip rifles in bo4)


i derno i know this is a beta but come on


and OMG the teams right now, hella try hard friends dominating lobbies cause its “tactical”. (Camp). All they do is hold all spots and streak up and stack uav’s



you know what wouldve been better ?



AND RADAR ONLY (no red dots or uav)





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Certainly going to be a campers game 

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The sights are garbage too, there too small, so if you ads, you’ll get shot from left/right or beloe you cause your hands/gun cover it



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So dont think cave map is good for snip or the dock where can aim on b dom. I love the game and sniper is not so hard just have unlock everthing to qsc
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They need to get back to scorestreaks, so people would not just camp in objective gamemodes. No idea why they went back to the killstreaks.

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But is not harder to get killstreak everbody play different. Like me i more like aggresive player. Push the corners and run from objective to objective. I bet lvl the mp5 and add gunsmith all att and the gun outplay everthing in that game

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I feel you man, this game is trash. The Gunplay is great, the graphics are good, framerate is solid as a rock. But the rest... the maps are TRASH, way to open, 50% campers, and the other half are immortal lag rushers, the pacing because of this is HORRIBLE. Lets not talk about the time to die, the servers ( pretty sure these are not dedicated... ) the tickrate must be somewere between 0-0 and the overall network code is just pure garbage. Absolut worst CoD ever, it could be the best, but i cant ignore this lagger paradies. 

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