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When Modern Warfare was teased for release, I was actually quite hyped for it. I enjoy a good first-person shooter game every so often, and I liked the original Modern Warfare series. When they released the open BETA for PC Friday, I played it for awhile and noticed something that concerned me: There are a lot of campers. Now, I know that camping has always been a staple in Call of Duty, but this game has taken it to the extreme.
It really isn't much of a concern when playing a gamemode that restricts your health or ammunition, beacuse in that scenario, you have no choice but to camp; however, it is a concern when there is a lot of camping in gamemodes like Domination or Capture the Objective. In those game types, it's almost required to get your entire team to group up and storm the objectives; however, this is not the case in this BETA.

I played Ground War for the first time, a good 32v32 gamemode, which I thought would be fun, turned into a camp-fest. No matter where you would go, there will always be a set of campers. Up on the ridges, hidden in vents, prone on the floor next to their buddy's corpes, in the corner, or covered by a crate or barrier; camping is everywhere. Now, the issue is when everyone is camping, no one is claiming the objectives, which then just hinders your team from winning the round. It makes the game quite annoying to play, and not fun at all.
Unfortnately, I know that there won't be any real fix to this situation since you can't eliminate a variable such as camping, but I fear that the game will suffer tremendously due to this fact. If I have to make a good guess as to the cause of this matter, I would say it's not the game, but rather the players themsleves. It seems as if the majority of the player-base just wants to get a bunch of kills to get experience, then level to the max, then prestige, perhaps save for points for loot boxes (Please no loot boxes on MW), then just stop playing altogether. No one really plays this game as it was meant to be; its just another game where people just wanna grind out then be done with it, which then takes the fun out of it.
I can't speak for anyone other than myself, so I understand if people hate this thread; however, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, regardless if it's right or wrong, I just wanted to express my concern for this game and why I think it will suffer. I will say that I am excited for the campaign story and future gamemodes that will add more elements of realism that might require teamwork and coordination to obtain an objective. What do you think? What is your major concern about this game?

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