PIng Filter? Higher Tickrate??

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Playstation 4

First of all, i *****ing love this game!!! Finally back to its roots! Great game, and the 2vs2 mode is pretty good too!

Now i have a question, sadly many Countries in Europe has 3rd Wolrd county like internet, as a swiss gamer with a 1GB Fiber connection, its almost impossible to beat even average french, and in this game especially spain players. Its ridiculous how many bullets not connecting on them, amd when they connect they are bullet sponges killing you in one frame, or they are delayed for at least a half of a second, its not funny to insta killed by laggers already shooting around the corners.. So, are you working on a ping filter? A speed quality filter? Will the tickrate be higher in the full version? 

A penalty system for these *****ty stupid bunny hoppers would be great too... With some tweaks this could be the best cod ever! I really hope you all work on the servers

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I'm in Central Canada having the same problem I shoot people with  half a magazine not one hit registration they turn and kill me with one shot. Feels like playing Bo4 when I occasionally get into a 460 ping server in league. Can't kill anyone or even get hit markers. Even on a good day I have 130 ping and lose most gun fights.

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Same problem here. I am from Germany with a decent 50k internet and noticed the same. Bullets not connecting or connecting too late. Sometimes i cant even react to gunfire and i am down before i saw my enemy. I really hope this will getting fixed, cause that happend in about 50% of all my games in the alpha.

The game itself is great, but it makes no sense to play online if u have to deal with things like that.

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I have the same problem, I have gig speed and I shoot a whole magazine and they take no damage and kill me because they’re  somewhere completely different on their screen.

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