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Is it just me or would people like to see COD get away from sniper rifles that are 1 hit kill unless its a headshot or a .50 cal sniper rifle...

I think it really ruins the flow of a kill streak when you are popped by a sniper rifle with a acog or something stupid like a camper from far away and they hit you in the legs or body armor...

Perhaps add a game mode like quake used to have called instagib snipers only, i bet lots of people would play it.

I honestly cant find anything bad about this game and ive played about 50 hours so far been playing all day every day and the sniper rifles just piss me off... Maybe make it so the ADS on them is faster and body/leg shots do 50% damage (aka 2 shots to the body or legs for a kill) and slow the health regen down a bit? Headshots are 1 hit kill.

Anyways would really like to see the sniper rifles changed.

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kinda the same if the sniper misses and get destroyed by an assault rifle from a mile plus the rifles already have a faster ADS than the snipers.

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Yeah but a assault rifles ttk is pretty bad too. there are times where i get like 6 - 7 hit marker tick sounds and the person somehow kills me. idk man it needs to be more balanced imho snipers have always been too OP in COD.. just looking for a discussion im glad you responded, would just like to get something going to hopefully get some changes

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Aiming down sight with the sniper takes soo long. Plus on the 32v32 map shots don't even reg sometimes so there's that
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there not that bad tbh personaly if thay miss thay are pritty much dead,i still say they should be limited to only high range optics not low range

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