The same ridiculous matchmaking

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Playstation 4

Why, on a Saturday at 6.30pm am I playing almost exclusively Germans, Italians, French, Spanish, Dutch etc when I Ilve in central England? The matchmaking seems to be exactly the same as the horror show that was BO4.


I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks putting Finland, Italy, England and Portugal in a lobby is a good idea, or even why anybody would design matchmaking to allow that ... ? I would rather wait 1-2 minutes for a decent connection than be instantly put into a match with terrible connection that basic maths would show will be awful.

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I have been complaining about this for years the french Internet is horrendous and makes for some very unplayable matches

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I with you on this. I had German, Spanish, Italian and French flags (and some voices) in my last game.


Not that it's an excuse, but this happens on nearly all recent FPS I have played. You'd think they could tighten MMing up a bit.

Stop triple capping in Dom you clowns
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Maybe there were no UK players on? Or they were all in matches?


Maybe Brexit will fix your problem?

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