Transfer experience across consoles possible?

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Hello, new to this board, but have played COD for a long time! And am terribly sorry if this has been answered before...


I'm planning to build a gaming pc next year so for now trying to get the game on Xbox...

My question is: will my stats, experience, bought gear transfer over from xbox to pc? Or will I have to start from scratch once I buy the PC version?


Please let me know if this has been answered already or I should move this post, many thanks again and I hope to see you in the field!

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It wasnt possible in the past to transfer accounts platform wide. Curious as well if it will be possible, but I doubt it.

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Knowing Activision they will very likely make you buy a copy for each account ps4 buy a game, xbox buy the game, PC buy the game. You want the same gun, skins, buy loot boxes for each account. Most likely it won't be like Fortnite.

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