A Guide to the Newest Weapons in Call of Duty: WWII

Here are some tips on how to best use the M-38 and the MG 81, two new weapons from Operation: Shamrock & Awe that are both quick on the draw.

By James Mattone on March 22, 2018

On March 13, Operation: Shamrock & Awe added two new weapons, the M-38 and the MG 81 to the Call of Duty: WWII armory.

Captain Butcher currently offers an epic variant of each weapon through limited time collections. The M-38 “Top O’ the Morning” can be yours after assembling the six pieces in the collection, while the MG 81 “Big Irish” is unlocked after acquiring all seven items from its respective collection.

Both the Big Irish and the Top O’ the Morning give a 10% Soldier XP Bonus for every kill earned and are decked out in Operation: Shamrock & Awe appropriate camouflage. You can also find unique variants in Supply Drops, including Heroic versions of each which offer a 15% XP bonus.

Here are some suggestions about how to use these two weapons in your loadouts:



"Automatic SMG with a large magazine and modest damage. Fastest aim down sight in class."

The M-38 is in the same family as the Type 100 and MP-40, as it has modest damage, a solid fire rate, a manageable recoil, and a generous four shot kill range. Also it has the fastest aim down sight speed among all sub-machine guns, and in most cases, aiming down its sights will give faster kills than firing it from the hip.

For attachments, Quickdraw may be a tempting choice, but the M-38 is already the fastest in the ADS category. Instead, consider using the Advanced Rifling attachment to increase the M-38’s four shot kill range, or Grip to reduce the recoil even further. Also, the M-38 iron sights are unique, but should you not grow to love its charm, then there is no harm in putting a Lens Sight or Reflex Sight on it.

This versatile weapon is even more flexible when used in the Airborne Division. An SMG Suppressor can turn this weapon from a direct engagement tool into a flanking machine with a simple button press. Plus, when the Airborne Division is at its maximum level, the Division Training’s increased sprint speed and duration perks allow for quick repositioning both in and out of combat.

Those who are cautious about explosives when running around with an SMG should use the Hunker Basic Training to take less explosive damage, which comes in handy for most combat situations. Otherwise, Inconspicuous gives quieter and quicker movement while crouched, and pairs well with the Airborne’s Suppressor.


MG 81

"Full-auto LMG with moderate recoil and fast fire rate. Fastest aim down sight in class."

The MG 81 is comparable to the MG 15, but trades the MG 15’s high fire rate for a reliable three shot kill potential. Like the MG 15, the MG 81’s iron sights take some time to get used to, so either spend some time with it on the Firing Range or invest an attachment slot on a Reflex Sight.

The MG 81 has the fastest aim down sight speed out of all light machine guns and a 60 round standard magazine, so Quickdraw and Extended Mag are not essential attachments.

This light machine gun’s home is in the Armored Division, where the Division’s Bipod attachment allows for an even faster aim down sight speed, quicker reloads, and minimal recoil whenever it is planted on a surface. Upon maxing out the Armored Division, its Division Training will reduce explosive damage, which is an extremely useful perk.

Because the MG 81 is normally mounted on Luftwaffe aircraft, it packs a powerful punch against Scorestreaks, and is a strong option for an anti-Scorestreak loadout. Full Metal Jacket is perfect for this purpose, as it increases damage to Scorestreaks, while also providing better damage when penetrating cover. Grip is another solid attachment choice, as its recoil reduction properties can help you stay on target when trying to shoot down a Recon Plane

In an anti-Scorestreak juggernaut loadout, the Launched Basic Training is an absolute must, as having a M1 Bazooka or a Panzerschreck secondary only helps to shoot down enemy scorestreaks. For a more standard loadout, consider Hustle, which will cut down on the MG 81’s lengthy reload, or Forage, which resupplies the MG 81’s ammo from downed enemies.

Whether you take these tips to heart or experiment on your own in the Firing Range, the M-38 and MG 81 are superb additions to your Call of Duty: WWII arsenal.

Have fun testing out these new weapons, and enjoy Operation: Shamrock & Awe from now until April 3!

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