Play Style Guide: Runnin’ N’ Gunnin’

The loadouts you want. For the playstyles you can’t live without.

By Call of Duty Staff on March 26, 2018
Level 12

Say you’re playing Domination on Shipment 1944. You manage to stay alive for more than 30 consecutive seconds (stop laughing, this is serious). And, you decide to spice things up by going for a solo capture of ‘B’ because, well, these 30 seconds of life have you feeling confident. Obviously, no less than two opponents emerge from behind the surrounding shipping containers and open fire – but, that’s not what kills you. What kills you is Lucius with the Launcher from inside the container behind you who fired a Panzerschreck at your legs. A Launcher on Shipment 1944. Seriously, who does that?

Are you imagining what Lucius is like? His thoughts? His opinions? Just knowing that he brings a Launcher to the smallest map in the game feels indicative of other aspects of this ‘Lucius’. The point is: your loadout says a lot about you. So, why not rep yourself the way you want? That’s what this Play Style Guide is all about. We highlight three loadouts that lend themselves to specific playstyles with distinct, aesthetic appeals. Our first edition is all about Runnin’ N’ Gunnin’ with SMGs. Let’s have a look.


01.jpgLoadout 1. Greasy Cat

The Grease Gun does a workman-like job in pretty much any situation. Lower fire rate keeps the accuracy high even at longer-than-normal SMG range. Lightweight handling and solid damage takes care of the rest of your needs. The Epic ‘Brandi’ has that battle-hardened look to it and the Brutal Tiger Weapon Camo fits right in with that gritty feel. It’s just a bit of flash in an otherwise grim combat zone. As for the Fancy Cat Charm dangling from the butt of the gun, what is a tiger if not a fancy cat? Top the whole thing off with the Epic Tin Openers Uniform, available as a Collection Reward at the Quartermaster, and you’re ready to parachute behind enemy lines and rush until you take your objective.



thumb_female.jpgLoadout 2. Winter Red


We like the Sten for the range and fire rate. It stacks up well against any other SMG and there’s nothing like a solid fire rate with low recoil. The Epic ‘Royal Skull’, black and gold with white stripes across the under barrel, won’t find a better complement than the Candy Apple Camo. Coupled with your Airborne quickness, Candy Apple red is all your enemies’ll see when they’re wondering how you got the jump on ‘em. We like the Reflex Sight on this one, and the Cycle Reticle is the perfect red accent to your loadout. All of this while donning the Heroic Special Boat Service II Uniform, and you’re ready to knock back the Axis as the Red Army.



thumb_loadout_canary2.jpgLoadout 3. Canary Bomber


Whether or not you’re a fan of the side-loading aesthetic of the Type 100, there’s no denying the weapon’s versatile functionality. This thing boasts best-in-class range, extremely accurate and real solid iron-sights to boot. It’s an SMG for all seasons. The Epic ‘Empire’ bears the marks of a battle-tested, pine tarred weapon and the yellow blotches of the Canary Camo balance out this marked up variant. It says you’ve seen some action but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine. Plus, you kill ‘em with kindness by dangling the heart-shaped grenade of the Love Bomb Charm. All this while donning the dapper V-neck sweater and corduroy pants of the French Underground wing of the Airborne Division. You’re a sight to behold, and once your enemies see you, to be feared.


So, there’s your Play Style Guide to Runnin’ N’ Gunnin’. And, if you’re just looking for an Epic SMG, the Epic Weekend Bundle is a great way to make it happen. Live through April 9th at 10 AM PT, it guarantees you 10 Rare Supply Drops + 1 Epic Weapon Bribe. It’s the easiest way to SMG yourself up real quick. Or, just get an Epic Weapon