Ability to find clans that you’re in a clan war with

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Perhaps this is something that is coming down the pike? But it would be nice to meet, online the other clans you’re battling with in Clan Wars. Or at least some feature like we have in Clan Chat to say ‘Good Game’ or ‘you guys are slacking...’ etc. In this last war, we lost by seven points....that’s a close battle. I wanted to thank the other clan for making it fun, but had no way of doing that. That would be a nice feature to add.....just saying.

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I have a feeling it would be abused by the small brained mouth breathers to taunt and harass.

I would have liked to send kudos to the AtomiQ clan for their win in the recent War.

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Yes it would be nice but the potential to abuse it is far to great ,,, we did the next best thing and gave a shout out to a clan that pushed us till the end

A place to praise the competition

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There are far too many immature people on this game for it to ever work. In the five wars so far, I have received messages ranging from death threats to sexual acts (everyone hears it in game too, pretty much use to it), but not when it is a series of messages.

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You realise some of the Clans you are playing against are xbone?

It would be hard to message them from the PS4, maybe via thd App and only a Commander or Lt Commander?

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I have a predominately Xbox Clan but many of the match ups are with PSN, so I don't think it is practical. I would rather not hear comments from the other clans, so if enacted, I would want a mute function.

What I would like to see, open up the clan war lobby an hour early so we can see the lay of the land, CP of nodes, and who our competition is.

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There is a way. U sing the app select the 'My Clan' tab. Click on another clan that is in your sub-division and you can easily see who there leader is and can easily send them a message if you so choose. Of course I have never abused this system, I have used it though to congratulate for any close battles ;D And it is somewhat well recieved

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I have used that ability under MY CLAN to see the stats on the other clans but other than the first day of the recent War, it was always blank. (failed to load).

The APP has big problems with stability and was basically unusable during most of the past War.

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All my app problems disappear by day 2. I put all day 1 problems down to over activity tbh.

But I'm not too fussed because somehow my wife always manages to get the app to work on her phone if not mine ;D

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During our last 2 clan wars we have received no less than 6 messages from different clan members of the clans we were in direct competition with. 1 wanting us to stop playing for Microsoft points, 2 have asked to join us and the rest were just abusive. I can see why there is no direct link to the other clans but I think someone has mentioned a way around it.

What these people didn't realise is that by sending us a message they instantly gave us access to their friends list (full of clan members) so we knew what they were playing and could dictate our strategy around this and beat them to whatever node they were going for. this helped us win by such large margins 690-215 and 858-265

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