An Alternate Clan Wars format

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After talking with  guys in my clan last night we hit on a new format for Clan Wars that might make it more interesting, not to mention intense.

What we'd like to propose is instead of being able to single out a node style of play and overwhelm it with grinding, we establish 2 moshpits- one Hard core and one Core. Each war would have nodes evenly divided between the two categories, as in 4 HC nodes and 4 Core nodes-but the VOTING in the moshpit would be the only way to choose which node you are going for. Also, it would keep a clan from swarming a single, high-paying node that played into their specialty or preferred game mode , allowing them to dominate that mode for the entire clan war.

Why Do This?: It would give clans that can't all be on in an organized fashion at the same time from being shut out by a clan that can field all of their players at the same time. Example: My clan faced a Euro PS3/4 clan last War. They would come on around 2 in the afternoon in droves-18 to 24 players at a time. My clan has night shift workers and day shift workers, so we struggled to get 3+ teams rolling at the same time outside of Friday nights. We had a single team +1 playing before the game on Super Bowl Sunday. After grinding out HC S&R for 2 hours and getting within 14 pts left of 60 of taking the node, the Euro team hit the game with 3 full teams -and in two rounds they passed us by 2 and snatched the node. All of my guys quit playing in disgust-what was the point? We knew they would jump on any node we played and swamp us with numbers-we had no real chance.  My clan gave up by the last day because we couldn't put 18 16yr olds into play at one time- we all have jobs and real lives- and the lead clan had over 600cp. Given that their tactics were to see which node a clan was battling for and then swamping it with players to steal it, we all felt it had become futile. With the moshpit format, at least we would have had a chance.


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