Antarctica is over - how'd you do?

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We got our first win and it was in platinum,a clan of 47 members,and it was a battle of 4 clans and each of the 4 had the lead at one time or another,and yes it was more than tdm,we capped all nodes,and core s&r twice,that was a pain.We wound up scoring 654 cp and 2nd was 544 cp

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Antarctica was a predictable failure for our clan (by me).

We have repeated a cycle of winning gold 3 times and getting blown up in platinum 3 times.  We were in it for the first 5/6 hours in second place in platinum, with two squads winning almost every game, but we just kept dropping nodes to the first place team who had better numbers.  Pretty much everyone but myself and a few others quit playing altogether and by Monday we had dropped into last place without picking up another CP.

The problem is that we have about a dozen players committed to play in clan wars, but a roster of around 65.  Some of the other founders were on a recruiting blitz without taking into account how it affected our seeding.  It is now evident that we should be cutting 2/3 of our roster so that we don't need to get 75 wins to cap a node.  It doesn't help that some members seem to have grown tired of multi-player in this version of COD, are burned out on Ghosts clan wars and the rest are waiting for the eventual demotion to gold so we could get another win for the Body Count uniform camo..

A lot of members have said that once they get that Body Count camo, they will never do another clan war.  I know how they feel, my wife doesn't know what to think about how I am staying up late to finish capping nodes every night.  At least if I was watching porn, she would know what I was up to.

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Sounds like you need a smaller clan to fit your lifestyle.  I played probably 20 - 30 hours in Clan Wars, and we smoked the competition.

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Our clan is going to be smaller soon, believe me.  We don't have a problem winning most games, we just don't win enough to keep pace.  Our wins go up by 12 per game while theirs are going up by 24; the math just doesn't work in our situation.

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we had 30 odd members in the first clan war and were lucky to squeeze a win but it was in the silver division.

since then we have cut down to 19 then to 15 now down to 12 based on the people that want to play, it makes it hard as we struggle to have people online all the time but it's working for us.

we won with 777 points to 776 thanks to 1 bonus point with 30 seconds to go

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Yeah the best thing is to have a group who are all (or mostly all) on at and around the same time. No point having LOOOOOOADS of members if you cant co-ordinate them all, a lot of people seem to have fallen into this trap.

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We got second in platinum with a clan of 20.  We ran into the same problem many clans were having with not enough members participating.  This was our first time in platinum and like others have said, we have trimmed the dead weight for the next war.

Our biggest problem with getting stuck in second was that no other clans were even trying.  The 3rd place clan was 250 down at the end.  By the end of day two, the clan in first place had capped half the board, we held the other half.  They were playing more people making it impossible to catch up.  Even if we were evenly matched (in terms of number of people playing) it would have been impossible.  We really needed other clans to be taking some nodes.  This is a major flaw in the matchmaking.  Why does EVERY clan with more than 3 members get automatically registered?  Is there a reasonable explanation as to why there isn't a registration time (something like 24-48hrs before the start)?

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We did better than our last war, I cut 8 members from the roster for "lack of participation" and we came in second this time with 400+ cp.

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