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is this an official update from Activision® or Infinity Ward?

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Nope, just a fellow gamer like yourself! I run a clan and was very frustrated that it was hard to find out how Clan XP was earned and the Rewards. I put together list for my members and thought other clans and players could benefit from what I've collected so far!

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That's nice of you. Thanks for clarifying.

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Can we access my clan straight from my laptop or is it only via the app for andriod

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App only, available on windows store, apple store and google play store.

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Is anyone else still having problems with getting in game bonuses??

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So my clan is level 13..about to be 14.  We have the gold clan tag already and I see that once you max out at level 25 you get the Red clan tag, but what about the blue, green, and purple clan tags that I have seen? Are they just hackers? I've seen the clans with these color tags quite a few times while playing...Can anyone help identify when those colors kick in?

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No they're not hackers, they were just able to use a illegal character " ^ " in the clan tag before they patched it, it would normally allow them to have a 2 letter clan tag with any color of their choice.

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Okay so my clan just reached lvl 5 and i noticed that my patches for ranking up my clan haven't been unlocked. My clanmates have theirs unlocked but for some reason mine wont. Any suggestions?

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