Can't Find the Call of Duty App?

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Hello everybody. I have just joined this forum because I am looking for the Call of Duty app in the App Store on my iPhone 5s. I did not find it, and I am asking for help

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I have the same problem on android it just disappeared suddenly from the google play store. I need it for clan stuff

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same here would love to be able to set up a clan tag and stuff

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How do i get the app


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This is taken from another post in regards to Ghost clan app, it is no longer available as they integrated everything into the AW app.


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not everything it does not cover ghosts , they have shut down the app for ghosts because of aw hurting players like us that still play ghosts

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Maybe they don't have a solution yet for multiple functional apps for cod titles, same thing happened wit Elite.

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They don't have a solution then they shouldn't have removed the ghosts app.... The only reason I bought this game was for the clan wars and now I am no longer able to use the function within the game that tempted me in spending my money on it.

I think it's bloody outrageous that they have removed the app and thing think that a simple we're sorry but get the AW app instead is acceptable... WELL GUESS WHAT ACTIVISION ... not everyone likes your halo version of COD, it's cheap and nasty and is more colorful then pepper pig and was a complete waste of money and if I'm honest.... I'm surprised that you havn't lost a large portion of your customers loyalty if this is how you treat them.

PS. Sort your spell check out, it removes mistakes before you can click them and doesn't even recognize your company name.

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