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I am trying to change my clan name but it keeps giving me "invalid name."  I know there is no other clan with the name I am trying and there is nothing derogatory in the name.  I am not going over the number of characters allowed.  Why can't I change the name?  Someone please help.

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I'm getting this to, really want to change my clans name

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Hi dwruggere and UltimateModz,

There might be another clan that already uses your desired Clan Name(possibility). Another thing is we need to keep in mind that when you refresh the app and game, that is exactly what you are doing. The servers refresh at their own rate, and will show respectively within the app and game when refreshed. Just ensure that you guys have your COD and gaming accounts(XBL/PSN/Steam) properly linked.

Hope everything turns out good for you guys. Cheers!

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I have tried multiple names and nothing works they all come up as invalid name, my accounts are linked properly i have checked over and over again, i uninstalled the app and still nothing, i have tried multiple things and nothing seems to be working

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