Clan Emblems: where will they be visible?

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From the first time Infinity Ward showed off the Call of Duty app, the main point that caught my eye was the Clan Emblem Editor. This looked very similar to the BOII editor, but I still have a few questions that I am not sure if they can be answered yet.

1. Where will these emblems be visible? If my clan has a custom emblem, will only other clans in Clan Wars be able to see it, will it be applicable to your in-game character in some way, or can you even see it in-game?

2. Who can create emblems? As far as I know, the entire clan has to go by the same emblem. So who makes the emblems, the clan leader only or can other members change the clan emblem/suggest others to the leader to use?

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Good questions. There's another post on here about clan emblems. It looks like there's one on a gun. I hope there is some sort of possibility. It would probably only be up to the clan leader to make them though (opinion).

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Yeah, I just found that thread also. Searched "clan emblem" in the search box, got a bunch of MW3 results. If there is any way to merge this with the other thread, go ahead (I'm a bit of a newbie here :c)

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Watching the clan trailer, it looks like you can choose backgrounds which apply to your "calling card" (similar to BO2 or MW3). The emblem is what will appear to the left of that background. Look at the trailer at 0:21 in the bottom right.

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As to where we will see these, you will definitely see them in the Lobby and possibly in the game (though we haven't seen them in the game in any of the trailers yet). I would expect them to allow you to use your own selected emblem or the Clan Emblem. I won't be surprised if the Emblem and Background are one combined in one choice for you to choose. 

I'd also venture to guess that only the Clan Leader can create emblems. The clan members can choose to use their own or use the Clans. The same will likely apply for the Clan Tag.

Ultimately, I'm guessing the concept around these is very similar to MW3's implementation aside from possibly not seeing them in the game when you kill someone.

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I hope that they have any in game presence.  I remember that they didn't in MW3 and that was quite disappointing.

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