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Below is a common list of questions/issues that people are having with Clans for Ghosts and if known the information on how to fix it. I will add more issues/fixes as we find them. Feel free to link people to this thread if they have one of these issues.

1) Where can I get the new Call of Duty Mobile app for my device?

iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Windows 8.1

List of Compatible Phones - Activision Support (not entirely complete as the HTC One is also compatible but not on the list)

11/12 Update - If you are on an android and received the "not compatible" message, then I would recommend trying it again. If all you see are the 4 ads for the app, swipe from the right to the left underneath the ads to see the login screen.

2) Potential Android solution for the play store stating your phone is "Not Compatible"

The app was recently updated in the play store to support many new phones and even Android Tablets so please visit the play store and try again.

3) How can I delete my clan?

If you have other members in your clan, you can transfer ownership to them. You do this by selecting the member (in-game or on the mobile app) and change their role. Making them the Commander or Clan Leader will give them access to the clan. From that point on you should be able to leave the clan.

If you are the only member in the clan then you will need to either invite someone else into the clan and transfer ownership to them. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to leave a clan if you are the only member in it. You will need to contact @ATVIAssist and hope that they can help you with this until a better solution is presented.

4) Why can’t I leave my clan?

If you are the only clan member than see the topic of “How can I delete my clan” above.  If you are not the leader then you can leave the clan a couple different ways. One is by accepting another clan’s invite (in-game or on the mobile app) or by applying to another person’s clan. On the mobile app you can leave the clan without joining another clan by clicking on the “Leave Clan” button (helmet with left arrow) at the top of the Clan screen.

On 11/7 there was supposedly a patch that allows you to leave your clan regardless of being the commander/clan leader.

Another method you can use to try and leave your clan is as follows: If you cannot leave via cod app go to your online multiplayer on your console/gaming platform and where it says press Y for friends hit that and hit right until it shows you in your clan tab, highlight yourself then hit A and select leave clan.

5) How do I edit my clan Name, Tag, Motto, and Emblem? Where do I manage my clan?

These can only be modified from the mobile app at this point. Open the app and then click on the “Menu” icon in the bottom left. From there choose “My Clan”. Click on the “Manage Clan” button in the upper right (helmet with gear on it). From hear you can modify your Name, Tag, Motto, and Emblem.

6) Where is the Clan Website for Ghosts?

At this point they have NOT released a website that allows you to manage your clan for Ghosts. The only way to do this is to use the Mobile App. This is not ideal and hopefully they will release a website soon, but in the meantime your only option is to use one of the mobile apps.

A tweet from BeachHead Studios indicates that there won't be a PC application or a website: Twitter / beachheadstudio: @BrewDude19 There are no plans ...

6a) Reasons for Creating a new clan system

Many wonder why they got rid of Elite and created a new clan system. Let me elaborate on this a little bit.

1 - Elite had LOTS of issues including lots of data issues.

2 - Elite was platform specific (a clan was only for one platform)

3 - Elite clan leveling was based off of Clan Ops/Clan challenges

4 - Elite hadn't been touched in over a year

5 - Ghosts was platform agnostic (a clan spans all platforms)

6 - Ghosts clan leveling was entirely different system

7 - There was a much bigger plan with Ghosts especially on the mobile front so it made sense to start from scratch rather than upgrade an already very buggy system

That being said, I still think it is a MAJOR mistake for them to not have a website version as well.

7) Why does the link to allow people join my clan or that allowed me to manage my clan not work anymore?

This functionality was part of the Early Registration process that they had setup for clans. It is not applicable anymore.

8) How do I mark the clan as not accepting applications?

At this point there is not an option to indicate that you are not accepting applications in the mobile app or in-game.

9) How does my clan earn XP?

You can earn Clan XP 3 different ways in Ghosts:

1) Play any multiplayer game mode with 1 or more clan members (must be at least 2 clan members)

A Win = 50 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby

A loss = 10 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby

2) Participate in the Clan vs Clan mode

A Win = 100 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby(400 XP Total)

A Loss = 20 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby(80 XP Total)

3) Participate in the Clan Wars mode
Clan Wars may eventually have some final rewards at the end of the War where your clan receives some Clan XP but otherwise the only Clan XP you may earn is from playing with clan members in the multiplayer game modes.

Clan Ops and Clan Challenges are gone. They were part of COD Elite which is for BO2/MW3 and Ghosts is using an entirely new system.

10) Why does the Mobile app tell me that “You must play a multiplayer game”?

You need to play a game or two and wait for the data to propagate. Shortly thereafter you should be able to get into the application. I’d suggest logging out of the application and then logging back in if it is not working for you. This should resolve itself over time as it is not finding any data for you. If it’s been an extensive amount of time than you may need to contact @ATVIAssist on Twitter for assistance.

11/4 Note - If you are on Steam and are getting this message, they are having issues with connecting these and are working on the situation. Source

11/7 - It appears that this is still an issue for many players

11/8 Update - Twitter / beachheadstudio: If you are seeing "You need ...

11) My Clan Tag is not showing up in the game after I set it? Why?

The clan tag takes a little bit of time to propogate to people's systems...thus it isn't instantly available. I played a game and then it started showing up for people. It should show up just give it a little bit of time. Also, make sure that the game is saying that you are in the game as well as the app. If one or the other does not list you in the clan then refer to #17.

12) The "Clan Invites" option is disabled in my in-game Barracks. How can I manage my invites?

If you are the leader of a clan, this option is disabled at all times as you are not allowed to leave a clan if you are the leader.  If you are not the leader, then it is likely disabled purely because you don't have any pending invites. This does not seem to be an issue with the option, just a bad UI choice to show it as locked rather than show it as having no invites.

13) Various Clan Items are disabled for me such as Clan vs Clan modes, Clan Details, etc? How do I fix this?

Various reports have popped up where these options are all disabled for some users when they are doing what they are supposed to. I don't know of a true fix for this other than to make sure each member is showing up as being in the clan in the in-game menus. If you still have issues with this I would suggest contacting @ATVIAssist and/or @Beachheadstudio to see if they can help with this.

Note that some users may be glitched and appearing in 2 different clans and the game may not truly be seeing them as being in your clan thus the reason why the Clan vs Clan mode is disabled. See #17 for more details.

14) Why am I being randomly moved from clan to clan?

This is a known issue that they are investigating. Here is a tweet from @Beachheadstudio on 11/7/2013. Twitter / beachheadstudio: We are aware of and investigating ...

See 11/14 Update for #17 for way to possibly fix this and get back into the right clan.

15) Why is the App not available in my region?

This is up to the developer to release the app in their own region. You may be able to find the app somewhere other than on the official playstore that could work but officially you need to wait till they release it in your region.

16) I keep getting a "Not Authorized" error when trying to manage my clan.

Many people are suffering from the "Not Authorized" error. Not sure what is causing it. The only suggestion I have is to log out and log back in from the application. If that doesn't fix it, let Beachhead know you are having the issue by contacting them on twitter @beachheadstudio.

11/8 Update - Twitter / beachheadstudio: If you are seeing the "Not ...

11/12 Update - Twitter / beachheadstudio: If you are still seeing the ...

Beachhead Studio @beachheadstudio

If you are still seeing the "not authorised" message in clan management, please log out and in again. This should solve the problem.

17) The app/game are stating that I'm in two clans or the App says one clan and the game says another!

Some people's rosters are all screwed up due to this where in-game it shows 5 members but in the app it shows 4 or for others it shows someone in the clan but they are obviously glitched as when you go to Clan vs Clan it doesn't work. Attempts to leave one of the clans is also futile as you constantly get errors saying things like "You are no longer apart of this clan". Some are reporting that the app sees them in one clan but the game sees them in another (or not in one at all). I believe these all stem from the same data issue where they are somehow associated with 2 different clans.

This is a known bug/issue that may be related to #14. They are aware of this and looking into it, but no word on when a fix is expected. You can try to log out of the mobile app and log back in (forcing a refresh of your data). I have not heard of any workarounds to this either so your only option seems to be to have patience and hope Beachhead fixes this. You can contact them on Twitter @Beachheadstudio and see if they can give you any additional assistance but don't expect much.

11/14 Workaround: If the app says someone is in your clan but they really aren't (ie they don't appear in the clan on the Xbox), here's how to fix it:

1 - Have the clan leader use the mobile app and kick you from the clan

2- Have the user Log into the mobile app

3 - Go to the My Clan section

4 - Click on the Leave Clan Icon

5 - Log out of the mobile app

6 - Repeat items 2-5 until you are no longer in a clan (they may find themselves in a few different clans)

7 - Have the person invite you into the clan you want to join.

Original source of the 11/14 update solution was from EaRtHQuAkE!

18) What are the clan rewards that are unlocked at each level? And how do we unlock them?

You can view the full list of rewards and at what level they are unlocked at the following site: Ghosts Clan Rewards

These items are unlocked right when your clan levels up to the desired level. See #9 to learn how to earn clan XP. Note that the double XP that is awarded at some levels is double Clan XP, not double player XP. It is activated the minute the clan reaches that level and you don't get a choice as when to activate it.

19) I get "UNKNOWN ERROR invalid clan tag" when trying to set my clan tag. What is wrong?

A clan tag must be between 3 and 4 characters long. Typically this error is seen when attempting to set it to 2 characters. Special characters should also be avoided.

20) How do I display my clan tag on a PC?

The PC version of the game does not currently support using your clan tag and thus the only way to do it is by putting it as part of your Steam ID.

11/14 Update - Twitter / beachheadstudio: Clan tags not showing in game ...

21) How do I remove a clan member whose profile says "Data did not load" when I try to go into it?

  1. Go into the "My Clan" section of the clan.
  2. Click on the "Manage Clan" icon.
  3. Click on "Clan Roster"
  4. Click on the "Configure" icon (helmet with gear) in the upper right.
    This button toggles showing the K/D and Win Ratio with showing the Change Role and Kick buttons.
  5. Find the member you want in the list and choose "Kick"
  6. You will get a prompt that says "Are you sure you want to kick co-leader [NAME] from the clan? Click the "Yes" button

22) I was the leader of my clan and I got kicked out or am now listed twice but have lost my commander priveleges. How do I fix this? I also sometimes see "You cannot apply to this clan since you withdrew earlier"...

To fix this you need to talk to @Beachheadstudio and/or @ATVIAssist on Twitter to see if they can help you out. There is no known fix for this other than to talk to them and Twitter is their main form of support.  Here's a possible Tweet you can send them:

@Beachheadstudio @ATVIAssist My commander (GAMERTAG) is listed as a commander & soldier but has no commander rights. How do we get this fixed?


@Beachheadstudio @ATVIAssist I (GAMERTAG) am listed as a commander & soldier but have no commander rights. How do I get this fixed?

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Am I missing something or can you not use 2-character clan tags?  I've tried several variations through the iOS app but unless the clan tag is 3 or 4 characters in length, I get "Invalid Clan Tag".  Past titles have always allowed 2-char tags and Ghosts permits setting 2-char custom tags in-game.  Seems like an oversight to me.

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I will try to look into that and find out what the actual maximum length of a official clan tag is.

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I went through the Twitter feeds for BeachheadStudio and ATVIAssist but didn't find anyone talking about this problem.  Maybe this is only an issue with the iOS versions of the app?  I don't have an Android device to test with and I unfortunately don't use Twitter.

Am I wrong to assume that 2-letter clan tags should be acceptable?

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jpwilson25 wrote:

Am I wrong to assume that 2-letter clan tags should be acceptable?

I contacted them on Twitter but didn't get a response.

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I'm glitched to but the difference is I was in a clan then tryd to join a different clan several times didn't let me/

I got disconected several games later so I tryed to join the other clan again. Every thing

looked like it worked then i check clan details and its locked as if i'm not in one. Now the glitched part I cant receive clan invites nor join any so then I figuerd ill just make a clan. I made one it says are now in clan (bla bla) but its a lie I'm not and I can create clans it says it works but I still am not in one and i can create a clans over and over and over after another

But i'm never in one.

FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and make a pc version of the app a WEBSITE

i did this on xbox 360 not phone i'm glitched

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i cant manage my clan on the app even though im the leader

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I'm curious as to what you are seeing. If you click on the menu button in the lower left corner of the app and then chooseI My Clan. Then in the upper right corner there should be an icon that is a helmet with a gear on it if you click on that then you will be managing your clan. Do you see all those options?

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I am also having issues on managing my clan on the mobile app it is not allowing me to make any changes. For example I cannot change the roles of my clan members, I cannot change the name of my clan, or I cannot even give my clan a clan tag. When I try to change these settings it says that I am not authorized too even though I am the leader of the clan.

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They tweeted out about 30 minutes ago that they wanted people getting that exact error to try it again. I would suggest logging out and logging back in and then trying it again.

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