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I have installed the app and logged in and it says play your first Multiplayer game

I have and nothing

I have Linked my steam account

I have logged out and back in and nothing happening

Why has there been nothing for PC users on this the info is so scetchey

and why after two hours it has not found any data

clearly this was not tested

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That is number 10 on the list. It is a known issue that they are looking into.

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#10 still isnt resolved

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Will my clan tag eventually come up next to my gamer name or is it something im doing wrong can you help???

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To see your clan tag in game you must select a soldier then choose "customize".  Then you can select "clan tag", and you can choose to use your clan's tag, a custom tag or no tag (default).

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Support will NOT help in any way. I just got offline with LIVE support and they state that once you create a clan you cannot delete it. You also cannot leave it until you promote someone.

The agent stated there is absolutely nothing they can or will do.

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whne i try to log in in call of duty elite is said This web page has a redirect loop. and when my friend send me a clan invite i dont got it at all and that piss me off because i really want to play with my clan (pc player)

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Try a different browser It does not work on chrome or firefox why I don't no 

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Does anyone have know exactly what unlocks are done via clan participation? Mainly curious about the body count character camo (figured it might have something to do with clans since the body count weapon camo is related to clan wars).

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I am having the issue where as I go down my roster (all 70 members) and click people, the only names that come up are those of the top 6 members. I can't remove anyone unless they are the top 6. For example, I click on the profile of ApplyME and it brings me to the profile of NUMBerONE. If I wish to kick that person, it asks if I'm sure I want to kick NUMBerONE even though I clicked ApplyME. Very frustrating.

Also, I'm getting notification after notification that I have a new application but then when I go to view them it says I have no pending applications. Wut?

This is a wonderful post, thank you for your effort with this.

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