Clan War Division Brackets and Roster Locks

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This post outlines the current brackets and roster lock rules for both Bronze-Platinum and Diamond Division Clan Wars. If any changes are made to the brackets or lock rules we'll supersede this post the up to date information.

Division Brackets

In Bronze-Platinum Clan Wars your clan will first be grouped by the number of members you have at the moment of Roster Lock (see below). For the sake of clarity we refer to this as your Clan Bracket.

To then decide which division your clan is placed in we evaluate your recent performance. Historically this has ranged from how you've performed in the previous Clan War to how active your clan has been - the system used will continue to evolve over the course of the year. The basic rule of thumb is that clans who have been more active recently and successful in terms of wins will be placed into higher divisions than those who are either inactive or haven't performed as strongly.

Under this system it is possible for clans to drop by one or more divisions from one Clan War to the next.

The first exception to this rule is that clans who finished in the top 3 places in the previous Clan War will not drop down divisions, even if they've been inactive since that time. The second exception is that clans who finish a division in first place (with the obvious exception of Platinum Division) will be automatically promoted.

Diamond Division uses the same Clan Bracket system as Bronze-Platinum, but is not then split any further since all clans in Diamond Division are considered to be of equal calibre.

These are the Clan Brackets by number of members.

Number of Members

For example : if your clan has 6 members it will only be involved in a Clan War with other clans with 6 members, whereas a clan with 50 members will be up against clans who have between 46 and 54 players on their roster.

Roster Lock

In order for clans to be bracketed correctly we perform a count of the number of members in every clan around 24 hours before the start of each Clan War. This lock number is the limit of members your clan can have contributing wins in your Clan War division. The roster lock does not prevent clans from recruiting new members, but additional members beyond the lock number will not contribute towards that clan's wins.

For example : if your clan has 20 members at the moment rosters are locked, only the first 20 members of the clan to contribute a win in the Clan War will be counted. If the clan recruits 10 more members after the lock occurs they will still only have 20 members contributing wins. Critically, it does not matter if those members were recruited after the lock, if they're one of the first 20 from the clan to score a win, their performance will be counted potentially meaning that longer-serving members' wins are not. This even extends to Clan Commanders and Leaders, if you recruit after the lock you risk some members of your clan being unable to score towards your Clan War performance.

For this reason it is entirely possible your clan of 5 members could find itself in a bracket against a clan who has 100 members - this is still fair, as that 100 member clan will only be recording wins from the first 5 members to have played, since they will have recruited new members after the roster lock... unless of course your clan kicked out 95 guys after the roster lock, in which case you should probably recruit more people or you will be severely out-matched.

There is one exception to this rule. Once your roster lock is set the upper number of your bracket is considered to be your lock number - so if you have 34 members at the moment rosters are locked your clan can have 39 members contributing to your Clan War, effectively enabling you to recruit 5 more players after the lock.

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