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Similar to your items regarding HCTDM, we took domination (200 wins) in a day and a half (similar team as well, mostly older married type). There were only two active clans in this war, we currently have 265 CP and they now have 304 (they only had 263 last night). They dropped us from 200 in dom and took it in less than a day.

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Re: Clan War Feedback

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Somehow clans that have no nodes captured are still beating out my clan.  We started out holding 4 nodes, lost a couple and quickly won them back.  In the end, I believe there is A LOT of boosting going on.  How can my clan hold 3 nodes and another clan jump ahead in CP with only holding 2 nodes of minor gamemodes?  Why do the CP drop to almost nothing half way through the match?  If you drop the CP, how is ANY clan supposed to catch up to the leader???

I suggest the following fixes/adjustments:

- Clans that have members on either competing team (in the same match) are disqualified and receive nothing.  No wins or XP towards clans. This will eliminate boosting.

- Only clans from the same country are allowed to play each other.  Played against an "international" clan which gives them an unfair advantage.

- Make the points more transparent, i.e., show how much each clan is winning and when they are winning it.

- Keep the CP the same all through clan wars

Below are some quotes taken from  These are from Beachhead personnel, not OoS.

"We want to make sure that the players who are really putting a lot of work into it, playing hard and playing as a team, get some benefit."

Really?  My clan plays every night (PST) and we win, consistently, but never seem to generate as many CP as those NOT HOLDING NODES!!!

“We have a new matchmaking system, which takes into account the skill and size of your Clan at the beginning of the War. You don’t want to get one group with 100 people where they all play 15 hours a day versus a group of 100 people with four active players playing two hours a day. You’d get crushed; it wouldn’t be a good balance.”

Obviously, this isn't working out for most.  I've played all the Clan Wars and it's the same thing.  You start out strong, playing and winning consistently, then another clan passes over you without holding any nodes.

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Re: Clan War Feedback

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Its not even giving us wins at all or showing up .and we kept 5 and I'm one of the ones that was kept.

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